A Very Merry Mexico !! – The Final Days…………..

Hola from Mexico

Pics to follow..

So I’m actually typing this from Mexico City airport whilst waiting for my flight to London. I have had an absolute blast in my last days here and leaving Guatemala was the best decision I ever made, on to the story……

The bus left Flores at 5am, you have to transit through Belize and as you have to pay $15 for the privilege I decided at least to step on the soil in Belize City. A few people got off there and a few other people got on and we were suddenly in Chetumal, Mexico by around 3pm – not bad seeing as we’d already been in 3 countries that day !! We then had to get a further bus to Tulum (my tonic of a place I’d visited in February) which didn’t leave for 2 hours. So we all went for food and the usual get to know each other session. I have decided basically to have fun and not try and really do any new sights in my last week, I mean I could but I think a rest would be better – famous last words !!

We arrived in Tulum around 9pm and all headed to the Weary Traveller again, with their famous mandatory “I’m not a tourist, I’m a weary traveller” bracelet that you have to wear. This time it’s clear rather than purple in colour. I was amazed that at that time on a Saturday night they had beds for us all. Maybe the bed bugs have been deterring people !! As I walked in I heard “Sally !!”. Some how Lucy had managed to get there before me. Then bizarrely she’d bumped into a girl there that she’d met in Bolivia a year before – as we say, it’s a small world !! I checked in and had a beer. Then headed next door for tacos before we all went over to the bar across the road. At this point, Rhonda, a girl I’d met on the bus had officially made us a threesome.. as we’d got there late the 2am finish seemed really early but we ended up chatting to a lot of people and it was a laugh.

The next morning I woke up around 10 and relaxed after breakfast. I caught the 12 noon free bus back to that absolutely stunning beach and we found Rhonda and some of the others. The sea was gorgeous, and I spent the day sunbathing, reading and chatting – yes, I am officially back in traveller’s heaven !! We went out for dinner with a couple of people and had a few beers back at the hostel before bed, I think we were all tired after not having seen the sun in so long.

Back to the beach the next day aswell and I spent most of the day chatting to an Aussie guy called Nick. I feel like I’ve got a cold coming on so had some rather expensive but delectable coconut ice cream to help my throat. That evening everyone seemed to be keen to go out. After a few games of pool and more tacos I led everyone to a sign I’d seen earlier in the day which said “disco”. Unfortunately it was closed, so we found another bar but the drinks were expensive. On our way back we asked the security guard from the hostel if there was anywhere we could go and he directed us down the opposite end of the street to another place. I think apart from the taco place I’d never walked that way. There was indeed a bar full of locals. Suddenly it all turned in to a dance fest. We were all up and there are some funny photos. I am used to Columbia where all the locals dance so I asked who would dance salsa with me (got to get those last Latin American moves in while you can !!). Apparently the only man in the whole place that could dance salsa was the DJ. I therefore had to make him keep putting on very long records so I could get some more practise. He was okay, but I’ve had better partners. I think Tom then decided he was going to learn so he became my partner for a while. We then all headed back for a game of spoof !! Why oh why, I have no idea. We played twice the same people went out in exactly the same order, which meant Tom and Rhonda lost and the fine was one us girls used to use. I’m not going to say what it was, it wasn’t that bad (or maybe it was….), just very funny (you had to be there) !!

Needless to say I was up a bit later the next day. I went to the beach with Rhonda around 1ish and as she went to see the local ruins (I did them last time) I went to the beach. It’s raining !! I waited for a while and then Rhonda came back and we found Sam and Tom and chatted to them until we could take the rain no more. We taxied back. I read for a bit and then we met up and went for dinner with a couple Rhonda had met in Belize. Lucy had very kindly invited a guy called Emile along who was on his own. Okay, I think she thought he was cute (sorry Lucy) !! She taught us a childhood game she played called the “Scar” game. You basically pick a scar on your body and make up 3 stories about it, one of which has to be true. The others players have to guess which the correct story is. I went first and they guessed the story correctly, my poker face let me down big time !! On Emile’s turn, Lucy and I both guessed incorrectly. Mainly because his scar was caused by a package when he worked on the graveyard shift at the post office and the package contained synthetic wolf sperm. There is a bit more to the story but needless to say it’s probably the only time I’ll ever play that game as I don’t think there can be a better story so it will never be the same. It has of course also ruined Lucy’s childhood game for ever – thanks Emile !! We ended up back in the hostel with the boys and had a few drinks, shared some more hilarious stories and then had a relatively early night. Well, after Lucy and I had our nightly goss first !!

It’s raining today, Lucy and I basically had no plan apart from to meet in Tulum, so after a bit of a discussion last night we’ve decided to leave with Rhonda to head to Isla de Mujeres – translation, Island of Women. I have to say it’s rather a better location than the Isle of Man (no offence !!). The journey involves a 2 hour bus ride to Cancun and a 20 minute boat ride, so all pretty easy. Imagine our initial disappointment when we get there to find that men are actually allowed on. Oh well. We walk towards the main hostel and get offered a shared apartment. It’s very clean and we have a TV and a lounge to share with a few guitar playing, shisha smoking Israeli’s. We can do that, gives Lucy a chance to practice. The island is very touristy and feels like you’re on holiday from a holiday but as it’s low season it’s actually okay. We chill for the afternoon and then head out for food. We are immediately accosted by some Americans who insist we eat where they are. We do and then head back for an early night and fall asleep watching a film (my cold has also developed so I’m not feeling the best).

The next day my cold has gone and left me with a rather deep and not completely unsexy voice. We go for a little walk and then have breakfast. The sun has returned so Rhonda and I go to the beach. The sea is really calm here although the beach is busier than I’m used to. We head back later and get Lucy so we can enjoy cocktails at sunset from our swings at the bar – oh yes this is the life !! Lucy and I stay out and it seems that the bars take it in turns to have live music. At least that way the profits get shared I guess. We stay out until 1am and she made me dance to “I will survive” (I never do that !!!) before we went to bed.

The next day I picked up my flight ticket. I’ve decided to risk flying from Cancun to Mexico City and home all in one day. There’s a big gap in between so it should be okay. The flight is $20 more than the bus but 22 hours quicker, i.e. a no brainer !! That way I get an extra day in Cancun which is where we are off to next. The boys went to Puerto del Carmen so we said we’d all try and catch up in Cancun to watch the rugby together. Rhonda is a Kiwi and the boys are English so I need to meet them to have moral support for a predicted thrashing. Well when you continue to play that muppet at no.10 what can you expect !!

We checked in to the Weary Traveller in Cancun and the room was so much better than last time I was there. Then we decided to go shopping. I even bought a couple of dresses. The boys had checked in by the time we got back so we arranged to meet later. As it turned out the Scottish boys I did Tikal with Rich and Tony, or I should say Antonio and Ricardo (as their bracelets now refer to them) were also there. This is bad news as they are obviously supporting New Zealand. We combed the internet and came up with a place we thought we might be able to see it playing (unrealistic to say the least). The game didn’t start here until 2.30am so we didn’t leave until after midnight. We had to got to the hotel zone. I didn’t make it here last time and it feels like I’ve walked in to Las Vegas. It’s horrendous !! The bar we want is closed so we go to another one and have a very expensive beer. Ummmm, not very backpacker land !! We then come across a bar called “Dos Equis”. It’s 2am and they tell us we can get 2 hours partying including all drinks at $10 for the girls and $15 for the boys. Yes, sometimes I do love being a girl !! We all agreed and then I think we just went for it. Sam and Tom have a ping pong ball they bring out for fun, the balloons arrived and then I discovered we could get shots as well as drinks, and then I’m afraid Priscilla just took over. I don’t really remember too much. I know I was dancing on stage with some people, then a pole was involved, but apparently I was quite good, and the ping pong ball joined in to but not in a bad way. Then I threw up in the toilets…classy !! Lucy got me home bless. I put it down to it being the end of my trip and just having a complete blow out and I think Priscilla wanted one last night out aswell.  

Yes, I feel truly awful today. I blame the Scottish, they are animals and I’m sure they encouraged me. Anyway everyone said it was hilarious and I’m not bad around a pole. Photo’s NOT on facebook please !! After food and yet another sleep the gang have decided tonight is the night to go to Coco Bongo’s. I’ve heard that it’s another one price drink all place – help !! However, it’s my last Saturday night so there’s no question, I’m going. In fact I think the hair of the dog helped !! We left just before 10. There are 17 of us going in total. It’s basically $50 to get in or $60 for VIP. I am amazed that this many backpackers are prepared to pay this much for a night out but we do. I guess we are all getting to the ends of our trips so the budget goes out of the window. As a concession we catch the bus down. Getting of the bus there is an albino burmese python – because there would be wouldn’t there ?? So I get to stoke him, he’s gorgeous !! There is a rather long queue for Coco Bongo’s so half of us VIP it and the other half queue. We are let in, the boys are frisked (the ping pong ball is damaged !!) and then we are all handed a rum punch each. We are the first in although it starts filling up really quickly. Now I’m going to say if you ever get to go to Cancun you must do a night here. I think it’s the best night I’ve ever had in a club. It’s like free drinks and constant cabaret. Lucy feels a bit aggrieved as she’s only 23 and doesn’t want to think that she’s now been to her best club already but doesn’t see how she can top it. At least my clubbing years are nearly over !! Everyone’s faces were just a sea of smiles, it was all so happy….

The girls also had to get on the bar to dance, although I have to say it gave you a great view of the cabaret. Then we had to do the conga around the bar and then yes we really really had to have Tequila tipped into our mouths, you weren’t allowed to say no. The cabaret started with some dancers and then they had video footage of Robbie Williams, my heart started beating quicker, I knew he was trying to break in to the States but surely he’s not here ??? He wasn’t, it was an impersonator. Then we had Elvis, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Beyonce, Moulin Rouge, Beetlejuice and as well as other acrobatics, Spider man chasing the green goblin around the stage. Each act seemed to be getting better and better. I really paced myself and stayed sober. After the acts, everyone got handed more illuminous green head wear to dance around in the dark in and it did start to turn in to a bit of a meat market so I left at 3.30am with Rhonda as she had a flight to catch and I didn’t want her leaving and getting the bus back on her own. We got back on a high, she grabbed her back and left (no sleep poor thing !!), oh well I shall see her in London in a few weeks anyway.   

I woke up early the next day and said goodbye to the boys, they are now off to the Island of Women. Lucy and I are spending our last day together in Cancun. After food we say goodbye to Harry and then go to the mall. We want to try and catch “Sex in the City”. We could find a schedule on line and end up having 2 hours to wait so wandered around. Yeah, it’s starting and 20 minutes later we have a power cut, it affects the whole cinema and so we have to get our money back. So there’s no sex in this city this evening !!

I said goodbye to Lucy today and am now as I said in the airport waiting for my final flight included in the transport count below. I’ve had the best last days……the trip has been amazing, there are more funny stories from the last few days but I’d miss the flight. There have been lows as well as highs throughout the year and you can get lonely sometimes, it would also be great sometimes to have been able to share the experiences with someone from home, so that I don’t bore everyone to death when I get back. On the flip side, I’ve been able to do what I want when I want, which hopefully has not turned me into a spoilt brat !! I think if I’ve learnt anything at all it’s that if you really want to do something in your life then you really should try and do it. I’d had a difficult year and really my purpose was to go away become brave again and rediscover my sparkle, it’s worked………. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. Of course there’s going to be a job to find,  housework to do and I just hope I can remember to put the toilet paper down the toilet and not in the bin next to it, it’s been a while !!

I’d also just like to thank the people who’ve supported this blog and the people who’ve kept in touch with me whilst I’ve been away, it’s meant a lot !!

Time to go and catch the flight……………. in terms of favourites

1) Borneo 2) Columbia 3) Argentina

the misses………….. equal last places – Cambodia, Guatemala and Chile………everywhere else I really enjoyed too….


 Final Transport count:

Plane = 28, Bus = 128, Train = 2, Boat =24, Sunglasses = 9, Mosquito Repellant = 11, Books Read = 35 1/2, Bags lost and then recovered = 2.

Take care all for the last time

Sally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


6 Responses to “A Very Merry Mexico !! – The Final Days…………..”

  1. Cancun Vacation Deals Says:

    Hi Sally, what a fantastic journey!! I have loved reading your blog and hopefully you’ll have another trip to document soon!!!
    Regards from

  2. syinly Says:

    Sally, I wish I could travel like that. Please share your next trip with us.

  3. Wilfried Sprajc Says:

    Hello Sally,
    are you happy now to be back in the UK, or are there some new plans for the future?

    It was very nice to hear from you through this blogs of your South America reports. Maybe one day we will see us again. Barry Stacey visited us recently here in dusseldorf and we had a lot of fun with some other chaps from ex Dataserv
    best regards

  4. Lloyd Says:

    Hi Sally,

    I have a quick question about your blog, can you send me an email when you have a few minutes.



  5. Rumsick Says:

    hi Sally. Im a graphic designer at Managua, Nicaragua.
    i want to ask your permission to use this photo from Corn Island published by you. here is the url: https://sallyd.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/ssl22987.jpg


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