Leaky Lago Atticlan – Guatemala

Hola from Guatemala

Pic to follow

It’s still raining. In fact it rained since I left Xela and it hasn’t really stopped since, or only for miniscual intervals. So that’s it I’m coming home white. The journey here was pretty bleak, at some points the air was really misty so the bumpy roads make that really interesting !! I arrived at Panachel on Lake Atticlan around 4. Due to the rain I decided to stay here and found a room in hotel El Viajero which comes with TV, hot water and your home comforts. Little Luis Miguel is about 14 and he showed me to my room. A huge amount of children seem to work here unless they just can’t go to school because of the weather.

The next day I decide to stay in Panachel. I could go over to the villages across the lake but it’s so wet and it’s way too muddy to go hiking, plus you can’t see anything. Lago Atticlan is a very old hippy hangout, San Marcos is supposed to be one of the most spiritual places in the world !! A lot moved on during the troubles but as usual in Guatemala there are plenty of Gringos around. Luis Miguel tells me there’s been a landslide nearby and it’s killed around 23 people although I can’t see anything on the internet about it. Actually, another bonus point for my hotel, is it’s down little lanes and surrounded by other concrete buildings, there’s no mud getting to me that’s for sure.  I walk down to the lake and take a picture (above), I can’t really see anything. Most people aren’t that keen on Panachel but I quite like it and the people here have been really nice. It’s full of restaurants and mayan traditional tourist products but it’s okay.

I would love to have gone to the lakeside villages but not in this weather. If it got worse I wouldn’t want to be stuck. However, I have heard and noone can tell me the name of the village that there are some real hippies living somewhere. I’ve heard they had surgically enhanced ears, speak elvik and dance around to tambourines or often no music at all. I really just wanted to come here so see that, but even the hippies are staying inside, and who can blame them !!

The forecast for the weather is more rain so I was supposed to leave this morning. I was at my allotted pick up point at 5.55am but no bus turned up. In fact there was one but he said I wasn’t the person he was looking for. I’m pretty sure I was. Anyway no harm done, I got my room back until 11am, was surrounded by goats in the alley, found tampons in a shop (they are in such short supply here I’m thinking of selling them to travellers, I think I could make a fortune !!) and changed my bus ticket to leave in about 2 hours. Which means I’m doing an overnighter and I didn’t really want to do that but I’ve heard they’re ok.  

So that’s me for now. I’m sure the Lake is wonderful when the weather’s nice but it’s all been a bit leaky !! I’m off to find sun and I have to confess I’ve started to get very excited about coming home…….


Transport count:

Plane = 26, Bus = 123, Train = 2, Boat =22, Sunglasses = 9, Mosquito Repellant = 11, Books Read = 31 1/2, Bags lost and then recovered = 2.

Take care all



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