Milling around Monterrico !! – Guatemala’s Pacific Coast

Hola from Guatemala

Pics to follow..

The shuttle turned up and in 2 hours I’m in Monterrico. The highlight of the journey apart from the driver stopping for both petrol and a cola was when we had to drive on to a little motorised ramp to get across a river. Very efficient !! I arrive in Monterrico and am met by a little local girl called Selena who wants to take me to stay at Johnny’s. That’s pretty convenient as that’s where I was going to stay anyway. First impressions are, this is more like it. There are about 4 other tourists in town and that’s it !! Yes, it’s low and rainy season. The manager Tony gives me a 30% discount to take a room and then I come back and chat to him during dinner and over a couple of beers (oh and the game of volleyball played by some rather fit locals on the beach in front of us, where is my camera when I need it ?). Tony is Scottish and has been out here for nearly 20 years, so gives me the local low down.

After breakfast the following day I hit the beach. The sand is black here, the Pacific roars in with one pretty big wave close to shore (I could hear it all last night) and the beach stretches for about 50km. I love the way the crabs have evolved and are black, the equivalent of the white ones I’ve seen on other beaches elsewhere. I relax in to a sloping part and I feel like I have all the beach to myself, there is just hardly anyone here. Time for a spot of music and reading and relaxing. I’ve decided to make the remainder of my time all about relaxation, although I have no idea how and when I’m getting to Mexico City as yet, but I guess everything will sort itself out. I stay there until 4ish and then head in to town to explore. Monterrico appears to have one main road pictured above and the rest are kind of sandy. It seems small so it amazes me that this is the main place for Guatemalans to come to the beach as it’s so under developed – perfect !! Everyone says hello as you walk around, I just love the feel of the place.  I go for dinner in El Pelican, which surprisingly lives up to it’s name by having a real live one living in the restaurant !! Then I have an early night and end up having a fight with a cockroach that landed on my head and tried to hide under my pillow (a repeat of my Bangkok hotel). I flushed him !!

The next morning I have been bitten by mozzies. In Nicaragua they would bite me and itch and then go away (so much for the B1 vitamins I’ve been taking that they are supposed to hate). The mozzies here are just plain evil, they’ve really gone for it and they itch like hell. To make matters worse it’s not even sunny. I go in to town to sort out my bus back for the following day. Unbelievable, Guatemala has petrol strikes, are they following me around Latin America or something ? Thank goodness it’s my last country. This time it’s actually the people themselves blocking the road. They assure me that the bus will come it will just be a bit later than usual. I stock up on some toiletries and then head back for lunch. It’s raining really heavily now and I go back to my room to read. I notice a fluttering above in the rafters, is it a bird ? No, it’s bats !! Okay, so now I have cockroaches, mozzies, geckos and bats in my room, it’s like I’ve got my own private zoo !! You know I wondered what the little black splodges were on the sheets, I thought it was some kind of bug but it must have been bat pooh all along – yuck !!

Today, I have yet again been eaten alive. The bats are quite noisy but at least I got a good photo. The weather can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to be overcast or sunny, so I’ve come to get up to date and hope that everything brightens up later. There are a couple more tourists in town but apparently it’s busier here at the weekends – makes sense. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get the tan topped up before I leave so thank goodness I’ve got Portugal. I’m heading back to Antigua later and then tomorrow will head somewhere else, as to where that may depend on the strikes. A lot of people miss Monterrico but I’ve loved the solitude of the place, and that also means that I’m bang up to date on the blog, which is a relief as I didn’t want to have to do it when I got back !!   

Transport count:

Plane = 26, Bus = 121, Train = 2, Boat =22, Sunglasses = 9, Mosquito Repellant = 11, Books Read = 31 1/2, Bags lost and then recovered = 2.

Take care all



2 Responses to “Milling around Monterrico !! – Guatemala’s Pacific Coast”

  1. wanda Says:

    HI Sally-

    Just read your blog! Too funny!!! Loved hearing about your zoo encounter in Monterrico. Was wondering if you ventured out to Livingston during your travels to Guatemala. And, wanted to know if you saw any surfers out in Monterrico? My friends and I are headed out to Guate in a couple weeks.

    Hope you are welL!

    • sallyd Says:

      Hi Wanda

      Good to hear from you. There were a few surfers in Monterrico, although not loads as it was wet season. I think it’s the type of place that is busier at the weekends and I was there in the week.

      I didn’t make it to Livingstone but I met quite a few people who did and they really enjoyed the boat trip.

      Antigua is quite touristy but Pocaya is a must. Take some marshmallows to toast in the volcanic lava.

      The market in Chichi was very local and good fun.

      You’ll probably like the lake area aswell although it rained non stop when I was there.

      Tikal was pretty magical aswell and I stayed in a great hostel in Flores.

      Hope that helps – and enjoy your trip.

      Be careful not to walk around on your own too much in Antigua at night. The robberies were on the increase last year, just stay with your friends.

      Otherwise it’s a good laugh and lots of history.

      I’m just jealous I’m now back in a full time job !!

      Sally x

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