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The “Sally Gap Year” is due to commence

May 20, 2007

sally5.jpgHi all

I’m finally due to leave on June 18th. I am frantically decorating and will do a mini UK tour before I go, in between obtaining visa’s etc. Waiting for the rucksack to arrive before I make the difficult female decision of what is a “must have” and what goes back in to the wardrobe. Not looking forward to that I can tell you. Better check up on Malaria and my vaccinations although I’m more or less up to date. No more needles for me.

Hopefully the Irish will understand the play on words in the title – if not then you’re just not damn Irish.

The intention is to update the blog as often as possible so please do bookmark.

All are welcome to visit etc but in order to do that you need to know my schedule so here it is below, it’s not set in stone as I can change the ticket but these are the rough indications. Due to family illness I had to delay and miss out Nepal as June is not the right time to go. Everest will just have to wait for me !!

18th June 2007 – Depart UK – Yikes !!

19th-26th June – Hong Kong – looking forward to catching up with everyone and their expanding broods. Feels a bit cheeky going there first but that’s just the way the flights worked out. Also get 1 day for a witches and Totty Towers reunion. Catherine – Ali is standing in for you so we’ve said she must be extremely well spoken and provide great wine !! For all who are still there please let me know your availability so I can catch up.

26th June – Bangkok and north to Chiang Mai – the real traveling begins

2nd July – Laos

5th July – Vietnam – Hanoi down to Saigon

1st August – Cambodia

10th August – Back to Thailand and if all is on schedule and the weather is good I’ll head over to Krabi to relax

21st August – Borneo – Off to climb the mountain and see the Orang Utans – Julie, Kat any suggestions welcome. Mandy let me know if you still want to meet here.

17th September – Australia – Sydney / Canberra – Wendy I’m keen to go to Gold Coast or somewhere if you are. Beccy will hope to celebrate with you and Ian and catch up with Dave in Sydney at some point.

27th September – New Zealand – Intending to do a full trip on North and South Islands and as England haven’t a hope of winning the rugby world cup will hope the All Blacks do well so everyone will be in a great mood. By the way I know it’s being held in Europe but it’s still huge there.

13th November – Easter Island

17th November – Chile

17th December – Patagonia

31st December – Argentina

30th January 2008 – Bolivia

28th February – Galapagos

14th March – Columbia – Catherine could you send me Elspeth’s contacts

13th April – Mexico – Alison could you send me your contact

12th May – Cuba

11th June – Home

As South America will probably vary I will either visit Central America or come home earlier if I’ve had enough.

Not long to go now so please do keep in touch and you can always email me at

Take care

Sally x